September 8, 2009

Sweet Escape


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  2. I like 3d art, and this one is really good! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ashlee,

    Thanks for dropping a comment, will check it out later =)

  4. Tes,

    Oh ou're here too! Thanks and you're welcome! I am so amazed with this art so I thought of sharing to all.

  5. amazing!!
    I gather that these paintings are not permanent if they are done with chalk..
    that's a shame..
    enjoy your weekend Ayie :)

  6. Kim,

    Too bad they only use chalk but at least it will last for a while. Do you know how long chalk renders last? Is there special chalk for outdoor pavements like that? This is actually my problem, I love to draw, paint, sketch and other things but I don't know much of my mediums.

    happy weekend KIM!

  7. I don't know Ayie ..
    you would hope that it's permanent though..
    the only chalk I have used was when I was teaching and that would be no good at all...
    I think my favourite medium of all is gouache as it is fast drying and opaque...

  8. hmmmm gouache? I really have to start learning and researching about new mediums! hehe

    i'm not an artist by profession that's why, just as a hobby but we used watercolors and colored pencils for architecture =)

  9. Hi Sis..these are very nice! amazing! such a talent..thanks for sharing!

  10. me and my blogs are following this one now!! love your artistry here! feel free to follow any of mine! thanks sis!

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  11. euroangel,

    thanks! i already bookmarked most of your blogs

  12. ruby,

    those aren't my works, just collected form various street artists